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Value Village

Savings that makes cents.

Q- What items are 1/2 off today?

A- That depends on which location you are at.  50% off sales differ in each of our four locations.  For a list of what is 50% off on certain days and in which location, click on the desired store location tab on the home page.

Q- Do you hold merchandise?

A- We will hold your merchandise for one hour and after that it will be returned to the sales floor.

Q- Does Value Village take credit and debit cards?

A- Yes, we take any credit or debit cards with the Visa, Mastercard and Discover symbols on them.

Q- Does Value Village take returns?

A- We do not give back cash refunds.  Depending on the situation, the manager on duty may offer an in store credit to be used for future purchases in exchange for item returned in same condition as purchased within a reasonable time frame from original date of purchase.  We do not refund for furniture purhcased that has passed our 3 day pick up window.  

Q- How can I donate merchandise to Value Village?

A- That is easy.  We will gladly take any donated goods at any of our stores in Southeastern Wisconsin or you can call Purple Heart at 1-800-924-0188 for assistance on donating.

Q- Why can't I sign into my account to access my Member Perk Coupons?

A-  More than likely the issue is a forgotten password.  If you have forgotten your password click on the link, Forgot your password? this will lead you to a few easy steps in changing your password.  We have no record of passwords for our members so it will do no good to contact us regarding passwords.

Another issue could be that server is out of date.  We recommend using Google Chrome for this specific type of website.  

Finally we may not have approved your membership yet.  Have patience it can take up to a week for us to get to it.  Just let the cashier know at any one of our three locations in Southeast Wisconsin that your membership is pending. They will be happy to honor our TGIF! Coupons and BOGO Coupons for the valid specific dates.  

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