Value Village


  Savings that makes cents
for the past 50 years

Layton Blvd-Milwaukee

729 S Layton Blvd Milwaukee Wi    414-383-5913

Store Hours and Sale days

Monday-       9:00am-6:00pm      ALL CLOTHING 50% OFF

Tuesday-       9:00am-6:00pm      ALL HOUSEHOLD, DOMESTICS, AND FURNITURE 50% OFF

Wednesday    9:00am-6:00pm      ALL CLOTHING 50% OFF

Thursday       9:00am-6:00pm      ALL CLOTHING 50% OFF

Friday           9:00am-6:00pm      ALL HOUSEHOLD, DOMESTICS, AND FURNITURE 50% OFF

Saturday       9:00am-6:00pm      EVERYTHING IN THE STORE 50% OFF

Sunday-       10:00am-6:00pm      EVERYTHING IN THE STORE 50% OFF

Upcoming and Current Promotions


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