Layton Blvd Location Layton Blvd Location Value Village (27th and National) 729 Layton Blvd Milwaukee, WI 151114981 729 S Layton Blvd 65618199 729 S Layton Blvd 65618400 St Patrick's Day 2012 Layton Blvd has a large selection of St. Patricks Day clothing and merchandise. Come on down and check them out! 151114984 Easter Display 2012 Large Easter Selection Available at the Layton Blvd location. 151114982 729 S Layton Blvd Back to School Promotion 65618401 729 S Layton Blvd African Promotion January 2010 67859842 Valentines Valentines promotion February 2010 69692948 Vintage Vault is open! A great collection of vintage from the 40's to the 80's thru February 2010. Hurry limited merchandise. 69692949 Mothers Day Display May 2010 82783832 Halloween Display 2010 There is no place better than Value Village to find a great one of a kind Halloween costume. 106785091 Halloween Costumes 2010 106785281 Christmas 2010 Display located at Layton Blvd Location. One of a kind displays to add to your shopping enjoyment! 106785335 Christmas 2010 106785445 Christmas 2010 Christmas treasures for the thrifty! 106785577 Christmas 2010 All aboard! Next stop, Value Village! 106785508 SPRING 2011 Spring has sprung at Value Village-Layton Blvd 117967712 SPRING 2011 Put some spring into your step and save at Value Village! 117967713 The Layton Blvd Library The Layton Blvd location carries a large selection of books. 151114983