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Quotes Started to notice the different themes, like the Harley Davidson theme, animal print, and Green Bay packers theme. I love walking into the store and being surprised by the creativeness of the themes. Quotes

Quotes I would just like to say, not only is the shopping super.... but the employees are outstanding. I usually shop after work so I get the night time people I guess you would say, and they are the friendliest, workers even though they sometimes have to put up with not so delightful customers. Hard workers for sure! Quotes
The Workers are outstanding

Quotes I have been a loyal VV shopper for years. I have frequented Cudahy and Racine for the past eight years. I love it! The Racine store has changed so much but I love the people at the Cudahy store! They rock! Keep the prices low and the people friendly. AMEN. Quotes
Grace J.
Tax Exempt

Quotes Where do I begin? VV St. Francis is my second home on weekends! It's cheap therapy, cheap thrills, & good clean fun. And I look pretty spiffy most days. MOSTLY, it's terrific employees --like Heather, Kevin, Sheila, Rose, Sharon, etc--who "make" or "break" our VV experience--w/out them those bargains lose their appeal fast. Thanks, guys! YOU make it fun, not the Chanel shoes and Gaultier pants and other super finds (though they help...:) BH Quotes
Betsy H.
Happy Weekender

Quotes Value Village is my favorite thrift store in Milwaukee! I buy all my clothes there for dirt cheap. Quotes
Sue Wentworth

Quotes Love the store, just wish you took credit cards! Quotes
Big Spender
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